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Jon Roland is the candidate for nomination
of the Texas Libertarian Party for Texas Attorney General
in the November 2, 2010, election.


As Texas Attorney General I would:

1. Intervene to strengthen grand juries and get them to investigate public misconduct, independently of public prosecutors, and to revive private criminal prosecutions.

2. Act against officials, especially judges and prosecutors, who protect illegal drug trafficking.

3. Work to establish quo warranto actions, decided by juries, against misconduct of state and local officials, and when appropriate, remove them from office.

4. Intervene to establish the principle that judges and other officials have official immunity only for actual executions of their lawful duties, not for all of their actions while "on duty", and that such immunity is only against execution of money judgments, not from being sued, which can also be done just to bring out the truth.

5. Intervene to establish the right to have all issues of law argued in the presence of the jury, except where argument could not avoid revealing evidence that should properly be excluded.

6. Intervene to establish the right to a presumption of nonauthority in all cases between an individual and an official.

7. Intervene to protect Texas citizens from abuse by federal officials. Will support proposal for a Federal Action Review Commission.

8. Intervene to maintain Open Courts provision of Texas Constitution, and prevent courts from penalizing exercise of the right of petition by overuse of sanctions, or inappropriate dismissal of principled actions or arguments as "frivolous".

9. Act to reduce abuses in Child Protective Services and other family court operations, and to move administration of child support collection to the county level with supervision by the OAG.

10. Work with other agencies to protect Texas citizens from threats to our sovereignty and national security from foreign and domestic organized criminal operations and terrorists.

The first point summarizes my plan, if elected, to hold public meetings in each county across the state, attended by the grand jury, state legislators, and other public officials, and open to the public for them to express their complaints. There would be a notary present to take sworn testimony during the event. Everything would be videotaped, and the video clips put online. There would also be provisions for people to come forward anonymously, if they feel they need that protection. If such testimony brought evidence of official misconduct, the grand jury could issue a presentment or indictment on the spot, and appoint a private attorney general to prosecute the complaint. As Texas Attorney General I might not have primary responsibility for seeking remedies, but I could do a great deal to organize the public and get them to take needed action.

Recent Activities

Founder and President of the Constitution Society and webmaster of its website. See especially his Lectures on the Constitution and Videos of public appearances.

Intevenor in LULAC v. Perry, the Texas redistricting case, seeking to get declaration of a standard of proof for when a congressional district is improperly gerrymandered, and to establish a non-partisan system for computer-generated and randomly selected maps to replace the current system of humans drawing maps. See .

Intevenor in several family law cases, offering a remedy for judges that abuse their discretion.

In 2002 played leading role in getting civics textbooks revised to correct errors and bring them into compliance with the Constitution as originally understood. See .

In 2010 proposed enhanced standards for teaching American Government in high schools, and a new course in American History to 1877 for grade 11. See .

Some Recent Writings

Presumption of Nonauthority and Unenumerated Rights, 2005.

Mansfieldism Reconsidered, 2005.

United States Constitution. Entry in Encyclopedia of Leadership, Vol. 4, Ed. George R. Goethals, Georgia J. Sorenson, & James MacGregor Burns, Sage Publications, 2004.

Evolving Complex Networks in Constitutional Republics, 2003

Principles of Constitutional Interpretation, 2002.

Sortition for Judges, 2002.

Original Understanding of the Commerce Clause, 2002.

Intent of the Fourteenth Amendment was to Protect All Rights, 2000.

Public Safety or Bills of Attainder? Published in University of West Los Angeles Law Review, Vol. 34, 2002.

Hurst's Law of Treason, Introduction by Jon Roland, Published in University of West Los Angeles Law Review, Vol. 34, 2002.

Constitutionalist Platform, 1997.

Let's Revive Private Prosecutions, 1996.


Jon Roland grew up in the town of Seguin, Texas, received a BS in mathematics from the University of Chicago, and has done some graduate work in computer science. He served for a term in the U.S. Air Force as an Air Traffic Control Officer. He has been a real estate investor, and until recently earned his living as a computer professional, employed by a Fortune 50 firm as a senior developer. He is also the founder and president of the Constitution Society, and has done a great deal of work in the field of constitutional history. He was also the nominee of the Texas Libertarian Party for Texas Attorney General in the 2002 and 2006 elections.

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If you're looking for the Jon Roland who is an Austin film producer, and a partner in Whoopass Entertainment, that is a different person. We don't have contact information for him, and he doesn't seem to have a website online.